Thursday, January 10, 2008

Blue Gate Crossing

Taiwan 2002

Details lovehkfilm

Seen 20 October 2007

It is confirmed. I am a corny, mushy, sentimental and lump in the throat person, This film confirms that suspicion.

From the first strains of the piano tinkling in the background, I was hooked and sunk deeper as the story went along its merry way.

This is a simple story of finding love when you are a teenager, on the verge of adulthood. Friendship between two girls, and a boy who is the object of admiration of one of them. The gawkiness and shyness of confessing that emotion to the intended party takes the bulk of the first few scenes.

This progressed into uncharted territory when the middle man herself finds the boy attractive. She has doubts about her feelings since she feels she is attracted to her own gender and it would be a betrayal of sorts to her close friend.

The actors were spot on in their portrayal of teenage insecurities. The phase everyone goes through and maybe still goes through in our advancing age.

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