Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Like Grains of Sand

Japan 1995

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Seen 10 January 2008

Our adolescent years seem to bring out latent feelings to the surface. In this case, Ito has feelings for his class mate, Yoshida.. Yoshida is a popular student, so there will be others who want to gain his attraction and he has a 'steady' girlfriend as well. But being the nice guy, Yoshida is quite close to Ito as well as another classmate who is known for his mischievous ways. So we see the three of them doing things together, a very special boys bonding.

Into this scene comes Aihara, a mysterious girl who had just been transfered to their school. She became the catalyst for Ito to spurt out his true feelings towards Yoshida. The rest of the story shows the permutations and combinations of friendships and the beginnings of love and jealousy.

Shifts in their lives mirror the shifting grains of sand that are affected by nature. External forces do have a play in man's lives.

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