Saturday, February 16, 2008


USA 2006

Details shortbusmovie

Seen 15 February 2008

Provocative. The general public should watch the movie with lots of caution. There are lots of nudity and explicit scenes. The subject matter itself is love but the director's treatment might not be to everyone's liking. A sexual therapist who hasn't experienced orgasm is introduced to a social club by her patient, a gay couple at the crossroads of their own relationship.

The main draw of this club is its celebration of the physical aspects of love. There are rooms with specific themes on the subject of sex. The therapist, Sophia, explores the different expressions of love in her quest to find a solution to her own problems.

Her search opens up pent-up feelings that helped her in achieving her goal, an orgasm.

There might be a lot of overt depictions of the sexual act, but nevertheless, the underlying message of finding yourself and letting go of excess emotional baggage before embarking on the next stage of a relationship is well put.

Never a dull moment. The actress who played Sophia and the supporting cast held the whole project together superbly.

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