Friday, February 08, 2008

This Girl's Life

USA 2003

Details imdb

Seen 8 February 2008

The subject matter itself is provocative. The story revolves around a famous porn star. We get to see how she started in the business, and where she is five years later. She finds herself at a cross road in her life when she meets an actor. The man seems to understand her situation and does not put any pressure on her to change.

Moon, the porn star is also taking care of her father who is afflicted with Parkinson's disease. She decides to be more independent of the industry when her father's physical and mental condition deteriorates further.

Her new part-time career as a sex investigator, someone who is hired to find out whether a partner is or will cheat on his partner, booms. But a case she took on forced her to face facts and a new reality.

The story which highlights the inner workings of the adult movie industry is an eye opener. However independent the players try to be, there is always an element of force and coercion involved. Those who want to opt out must be strong and it helps if they have support from those close and dear to them.


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