Friday, February 08, 2008

Possible Changes

South Korea 2004

Details hancinema

Seen 7 February 2008

Two good friends' love relationships.

One, an out of work writer meets a woman through the internet. He has a wife and a daughter but the marriage seems to be going through a strain. The woman he met does help alleviate the emptiness of his marriage. But the woman herself has a fiancée and their meetings does not amount to more than a sharing of problems and physical proximity.

The other still pines for his first love. One day he succeeded in getting her to sleep with him even though she herself has a husband and children. That physical contact brought back feelings of things that might have been. He was supposed to marry her after they had finished their studies but he met with an accident which made him slightly disabled and emotionally scarred.

He carries that chip on his shoulder since that day which also affects his relationships with other women. Fortunately, his good friend is always at hand to give support. Until the very end.

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