Friday, February 08, 2008

Happy End

South Korea 1999

Details global.yesasia

Seen 7 February 2008

The title might be a misnomer as there is no happy ending in the conventional sense. This is a story of love and anguish. A longing for that lost feeling of affection and attraction for each other. There is even a wish that I think came true but in a macabre fashion.

The woman in the story finds love with a man who is a part of her past but still maintains a semblance of normalcy at home with her husband and child. Eventually she has to decide between these two sides of her life when the unsuspecting husband finds evidence of her dalliance. This lead to the ultimate decision involving the three.

The three main actors portray their characters to the tee. Unfortunately, happiness seems an elusive dream even to the victor.

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