Sunday, March 09, 2008

Wedding Wars

USA 2006

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Seen 16 February 2008

Light hearted take on the issue of legalisation of same sex marriages. A gay wedding planner, Shel, is helping his brother's wedding to the incumbent governor's daughter. Things come to a head when the governor issues a statement that he favours the normal man and woman union in a marriage. Shel goes on strike as he feels that marriages should also be extended to same sex couples and the rest of the film shows how he gains support throughout the country for his stand.

This is a dream sequence in a way. I doubt the whole gay community and their supporters would go on strike nationwide in support of legalising same sex marriages. That is still a long way away.

But the stronger relationship at the end between the gay brother and the rest of his family might ring true. For what it is worth, family ties are thicker than water.

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