Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Pink Saris

India 2010

Details  wmm

Seen 22 June 2011

A one woman crusade
Against injustice
Against tradition
Against centuries old beliefs

She has gone through the experience
She has made a decision
That life is not for her
Life is meant to be better
On her own
Or with a loved one

Others may have given up
But she soldiers on
With gusto, spit in the wind

It is not a bed of roses
Each day another uphill battle
Sometimes the battle is not won on that day
But there will be other days

Time will come
When the trodden rise up on their own
She is just a conduit, the front line
Others have to take up the mantle

One day
It will be the women themselves
Asserting themselves
Taking their place as equals

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