Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Jean Gentil

Dominican Republic 2010

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Seen 23 June 2011

Out of work
Out of life
Out, out, out

The screams, pleadings
To the Almighty
Unheard? Unanswered?

So the journey begins
The search continues
The answers are still vague
Somewhere, someday
There should be a conclusion
A closure

In the meantime
While that moment
Seems unreachable
Life continues

It is a long journey
Lonely, even with others
To break the circle
Needs another

But what other
Fleeting moments
Do they count

Wondering, ruminating
How long does it have to be
Before an answer is present
Or is it all within
Locked up, chained
Waiting for the sign, any sign
That you are wanted
Not alone

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