Friday, March 30, 2012

Dangerous Living: Coming Out in the Developing World

USA 2003

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Seen 26 October 2011

Dangerous seems an understatement
The norm to be what society dictates
A character not your own
A personality so foreign
An abomination

Asia, Africa, Latin America, the developing continents
An accepted facet of the society
Now no longer

The perception, acceptance changed
Those tolerated, held high
Are now the lowliest of low
To be chased like common criminals
For a crime of heart

It is a desire
Inborn, naturally
The person would know who he or she is
No one else
Has the power to change, impose
Their own designs, intentions

Through the brutality, torture and unspeakable acts
In the name of religion and everything for all
These minority are hounded
Lives spied on, feeling unsafe in your own abode
Bringing fear and sadness, pain and suffering
Not only to yourself
But to those near and dear to you

When will it stop
Will it ever stop
The struggle is still an uphill battle
Each victory however small or insignificant
To be savoured
As drops of dew are precious in the arid desert
Precious indeed  

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