Saturday, March 31, 2012

The kids are all right

USA 2010

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Seen 28 October 2011

Two mothers, a daughter and son
Is enough to make a family
But when the father comes into the picture
Late in their lives
He who was not even supposed to be there
Lives orderly and mundane before

The children are growing up
The mothers are getting into a routine
The father is the new element
The fresh air
That opens the doors to new outlooks, insights

Emotions held within
Kept under pressure
Are finding an outlet, a valve
To let go, to find a way, an outlet, a path, an avenue

Is it just a momentary lapse
Or is this a new beginning
Of a different set up
A foreign element, unknown quantity
A catalyst, that will come to rest
Making itself at home

It is a test
Of how the love nurtured, built up
Along the way
The years that saw the relationship
Through its ebbs and flows

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