Sunday, June 07, 2009

The man in the lighthouse

Philippines 2008

Details asiangayfilms

Seen 30 May 2009

The movie might have risen to a better level of enjoyment if the script and acting went a notch higher. The story of love that blossoms between Mateo and Jerome interspersed with the tale of the lighthouse fairy seems like good material. The film also touches on Mateo's relationship with his girlfriend, Mateo's anticipation of his long lost father's return home and the plight of the local “fairy”.

Mateo's decision to move in with Jerome might seem the perfect solution to cement their love for each other. But the differences in background and coming to terms with your own sexual identity became a source of discords.

It was interesting that the fairy tale was synchronised with what was happening to Mateo and in the end, Mateo had to decide for himself which route would be the best.

This film could have been so much better.

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