Sunday, June 07, 2009


Lebanon 2008

Details news-lab

Seen 28 May 2009

Help does come unexpectedly and in many guises. Anyway, in this story, the denizens who inhabit the underbelly of a city in Lebanon, found and helped each other. The main character, Souraya, a good time girl, has the uncomfortable feeling that her life is in danger. She confides in her good friend who tries to shake off her depression and as usual their usual night time haunt becomes a temporary panacea. She does a feel a bit better but on the way home from the club, she decided to take up a dare.
She was supposed to befriend a boy who will be initiated into her and her friends' normal after partying fun. Souraya befriended Ali whom they saw lingering along the road. Ali is not your typical scavenger and street loose teenager but a homeless boy who has oodles of street smarts. Fortunately, Ali did not become a part of that fun trip but instead became Souraya's saviour in an act of kindred kindness.
A very raw take on people at the fringes of society.

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