Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Hungary 2005

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Seen 23 June 2009

Yellow stars
Are not pretty things
When those who wear them
Face an unimaginable fate

We follow a young boy
Hurled into that unknown world
Because he is one of those who must wear a yellow star

This a story repeatedly told
A fate befallen a group since the days of yore
A group envied, blamed, marked, hated and ultimately killed

When we see the times after the atrocities
Has anything changed?

The boy himself had a chance to start life anew
At another place, a different continent

But he did not take that step
As he preferred his homeland
But he has definitely lost
The innocence of youth

The youth with
The capacity to feel
The youth with
The spring in the feet

Whatever happened
Should not have happened
Must never be allowed to recur
And will always be condemned

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