Sunday, June 07, 2009

Half moon

Iran 2006

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Seen 5 June 2009

At first view, this might just be an ordinary story of a once famous singer who wants to go back to his homeland to perform for a concert. The whole story centres on that journey that he undertakes with his band of musicians. The added ingredient here is the fact that this singer is a Kurd who lives in Iran and is going back to Iraq. An Iraq after the fall of Saddam Hussein which should be a jubilation for all Kurds after the persecution endured during his regime. Unfortunately we are not seeing a rosy picture of peace and tranquility but rather the still hostile atmosphere at the border and restrictions on women in general.
The journey is definitely a labour of love for the singer and his musicians who are quite advanced in years. This might be their last chance performing together in their homeland. A concert anticipated by thousands who long for one of their most popular artists. The singer himself extracted a promise from those who helped him, that they will ensure he will be on stage either by hook or crook.
That is a promise that they will definitely try to fulfill.

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