Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Revolutionary Road

USA 2008

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Seen 10 February 2009

Two people in love can conquer mountains but once the love is gone, the whole world come tumbling down. The Wheelers, a young couple with two young children is your typical suburban American family. They seem to be getting into the routine of making a living until one day; the wife reminded herself and her husband about his dreams of pursuing something close to his heart.

That desire to strike on your own started the ball rolling for a move to Paris. But, there is also news, a promotion with bigger pay and more challenges. Then we see the beginning of conflicts and all its consequences. Dalliances with others; biting, truthful comments from a person considered mentally unsound, all add up to an explosive showdown and a sad decision.

Are we brave enough to take that unknown road, the revolutionary road?

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