Monday, February 16, 2009


Philippines 2003

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Seen 15 February 2009

Duda is Tagalog for doubt, the main backbone of this film. How would we confront our demons when we have never experienced love? Our experiences thus far have only been sexual encounters, hundreds or maybe even thousands since our teenage years. But suddenly you feel it is time to have a more permanent relationship and this brings complications to the present equation.

Faithfulness, trust, innuendos, all fighting for its place in your heart, until one day, you realize that the feeling has gone. That life has to move on, you deserve better, and with friends who are with you through thick and thin, nothing seems insurmountable.

 As an expose of relationships, the film has its heart in the right place but do not expect excellence in the technical or acting department. Competent but would have been much better if there was a tighter script and editing.

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