Monday, February 23, 2009


Argentina 2004

Details  timeout

Seen 21 February 2009

The forbidden love between two siblings is the central theme of this movie, a love doomed from the start, and how the two protagonists handle the situation when they were found out by their brother and eventually the mother.

On the surface, the family seems like any normal middle class family, with an extensive network of friends and relatives waiting for the son’s homecoming with his bride. But there are strong undercurrents unbeknown to the others happening right under their noses. The explosive ending might seem too pat for some, but the prevailing question is a moral dilemma to anyone faced with the same situation. Should the happiness of two persons be circumscribed because they have transgressed the norms of society?

This will definitely strike a chord with those trying to make moral and ethical decisions in unexpected and trying circumstances.

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