Monday, February 23, 2009

Maaf, Saya Menghamili Istri Anda

Indonesia 2007

Details  thesupermovie

Seen 21 February 2009

Dibyo, who does not seem to be able to hold a permanent job despite many efforts, is depressed about his life circumstances but an encounter with Mira, a girl he met during a night out with his friend, changed his outlook forever. Their relationship became closer until one day; Mira found out that she is pregnant. To complicate matters, even though Mira is in the process of having a divorce, she is still legally married to a neighbourhood mob leader. The rest of the story shows how Dibyo tries his best to tell the truth to Mira’s ex- husband and the scrapes that he had to go through to carry out this simple task.

I had a vcd copy of the movie and there were no subtitles, so I missed a lot of the dialogue. I could not get the nuances of the script so it is unfair to past a general judgment on the whole story.

A lot of slapstick but it does give a picture of the efforts and sacrifices one goes through in order to prove one’s love and commitment.


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