Friday, June 01, 2012

Minggu Pagi di Victoria Park (Sunday Morning in Victoria Park)

Indonesia 2010

Seen 31 May 2012

A microcosm of migrant workers' lives

IMDB 7.3/10
A migrant worker in search of her sister discovers other issues facing workers abroad. The film maker tries to touch on some main points faced by migrant workers abroad and keeps the option open in finding a solution. The plot is believable and the acting ensemble managed to convey the plight of the workers quite well. I'll give this a 7.0/10

My impressions:

The mission was an order of sorts
Reluctantly obeyed

No one was supposed to know
You did not want anyone to meddle
It was your own secret

As it is a small community
Eventually the secret is out
Everyone seems to know about the others

Why is that so
It does seem claustrophobic

But it has its advantages
Looking after each other
Giving a helping hand
Whenever you can
Reminding each other
Of pitfalls and temptations

The search continues
The help from others welcomed
The feelings still uncertain

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