Saturday, June 02, 2012

Josee, the Tiger and the Fish (Joze to tora to sakana tachi)

Japan 2003

Details imdb

Seen 1 June 2012

Friendship, love, from a different world

IMDB 7.4/10
Rotten Tomatoes Audience 93% liked it
Some might find the friendship and love that came along between these two from different worlds very unlikely. Those feelings did not surface overnight but went through the usual ups and downs of a relationship. The script is not melodramatic but says enough about how we feel when we meet someone different. I'll give this a 7.0/10

My impressions:

The unlikeliest encounter
The start of a discovery
The feelings deepen
They try to make it last

But will it pass the test
Of a normal life
What is expected
Of ordinary folks
Not an outsider
Of whom we are not sure
How will it fare, this relationship
Of course we will not know

She is strong
He will always remember

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