Monday, May 04, 2009

Like A Virgin

South Korea 2006

Details  hancinema

Seen 29 April 2009

One of Madonna's biggest hits becomes a very apt title for this story. A story of longing, living not just existing. That is the ambitions and daydreams of a school boy, who feels that being a woman would at least hasten that reality. To become a woman needs money and fortunately for him the school wrestling coach sees a potential winner in that soft spoken, often bullied boy. There is a competition coming and the prize money is sufficient incentive for the boy to try his luck.

Before that big day however, there are challenges from all fronts; family, friends, a school crush and team mates.

The film has its fair share of slapstick but the actors kept a very straight face that we can't helped being amused. A first glance might say that this film is fluff but the story does touch on human foibles and strengths.


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