Friday, May 15, 2009

The Class aka Entre les murs

France 2008

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Seen 14 May 2009

A French version of “To Sir With Love”?. Not quite. This does not have Sidney Poitier and Lulu but a more true to life depiction of the school room in the inner city of Paris. The main focus is the French class helmed by a dedicated teacher who takes an interest in his group of misfits. He tries to find the best in each student, despite the insolence and indiscipline he faces in the class room as well as the general atmosphere of futility among other teachers and the system.

But all his efforts do not bear fruit as desired. There are casualties along the way. The students are not in their best behaviour at school not because they are not intelligent or belligerent on purpose, but their surroundings have made them adjust and build up that barrier, a self preservation act in a way.

The subtitles in the version I saw was poor. I'm sure I've lost the subtleties of the repartee in the class but that should not stop the viewing pleasure.

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