Friday, May 08, 2009

A Frozen Flower aka Ssang-hwa-jeom

South Korea 2008

Details  hancinema

Seen 7 May 2009

A flower, frozen? A metaphor for our prized possession, perhaps. In this tale, the king's hold over his flower ends tragically. The flower has not really seen the sun, or smelt the air outside the palace where he has been groomed since he was a small boy to be in the elite inner circle. A group of selected young boys groomed to protect the future king and in this case, he was the chosen flower for the king. Despite the innuendo and scathing remarks from his fellow guardsmen, he is steadfast in his loyalty to the king, to serve the king in all circumstances, to sacrifice his own life if need be.

But we are living in the era when vassal states are beholden to big brother and marriages of convenience are part of the scheme to expand the control over the far flung territories. So the flower has to make the ultimate sacrifice, sleep with queen as the king is not up to that task himself. So began, the flower's bloom. But of course not to everyone's liking.


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