Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Kinta 1881

Malaysia 2008

Details  cinema

Seen 21 April 2009

Full marks for photography and art direction but I felt let down in the story department. This is a story of brotherhood, revenge, exploitation, greed and betrayal as well as a love interest or two. The main thrust and selling point of the movie are the fighting scenes as the movie boasts a lineup of a few wushu exponents, world and national champions.

For those who want to drool over the ultra fit human body on display, this is the film to watch, on par with others in the same genre. But if you are looking for some deep insight into the tin mining industry during its early years, this will not satisfy that longing. Thankfully, the production has not claimed the film is a historical insight into the past but has emphasised the loyalty among brothers angle.

A commendable effort.

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