Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Forbidden Love (Defense d'aimer)

France 2003

Details  rottentomatoes

Seen 14 April 2009

What an apt title. Gestures and actions or in this case inactions that do not translate into something more meaningful haunts Bruno who has fallen for Mateo. They seem to be on a mating dance, circling each other, waiting for the first move until Bruno took the bull by its horns. But as Mateo said, the desire did not come at that time, during all those times when they were sleeping together.

But they did savour the nectar of love for one night and oh, what a night. This is one bedroom scene that has been photographed from an entirely different perspective. No oohs or aahs, no groaning moans but the background music and cinematography conveyed the deepest desires of the two lovers.

That particular night is not the beginning of a blissful journey, a life shared together. That night represents a turning point in their relationship, with tragic circumstances.

Love, obsession maybe, madness definitely.

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