Sunday, April 05, 2009

Crossing (Keurosing)

South Korea 2008

Details  hancinema

Seen 5 April 2009

Basically a tear jerker, but not in the copious stream of tears category. The tears do flow at certain scenes, so be forewarned.

A North Korean's struggles to help his sick wife who is expecting their second child is the main thrust of the story. Yong-soo manages to go to China and eventually to South Korea in his endeavours but the family left behind face another reality, the harsh economic conditions which has left many sick and dying. People are punished for their efforts to seek a better life amidst the ongoing mantra that they live in utopia.

This is a family torn apart by the simple facts of life, getting that plate of rice on the table everyday. That in itself is such a hard effort that being sick upsets the delicate equilibrium. That is the catalyst for the bread winner to find a better solution. Alas, the consequences.

We should thank our lucky stars.

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