Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Slight fever of a 20-year old

Country Japan 1993

Picture and details rottentomatoes

Seen 11 June 2006

An illuminating story in some ways but does not go too deep into the issues behind the protagonists’ actions. The film revolves around two Japanese rent boys. A college student who is in the profession just for the money and a high school boy who prefers to take only customers that he likes.
The two work part time in a bar that provides boys for rent. There are ups and downs in their line of business. Both have girlfriends who are concerned for their welfare but the boys tend to have mixed feelings about their relationships with the girls.
At the end of the film, the two boys are in the same room with a customer. We will be able to see the lamentations of the customer and the boys’ reactions. The focus is on the customer’s feelings and the whole business of rent boys. There is no conclusive ending but more questions come into mind at the last frame.

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