Sunday, June 18, 2006

Beau Travail

France 1998

Picture and details amazon

Seen 18 June 2006

Travails. That is an apt title for the film. A French Legionnaire sergeant, Galoup, reminisces his past. Galoup seems to have a growing hatred for a new recruit from Russia, Sentain, whereas his commandant, Forestier, has a more ambivalent attitude towards the boy. Sentien himself is genial to his fellow legionnaires and his likeability rating grows when he becomes a hero of sorts during an accident.
The film does not show exactly what angers and irritates the sergeant about Sentien. There are undercurrents of longing and attraction but nothing explicit is shown. The scenes with the sergeant's girlfriend just shows a blissfully happy contented couple. The film soundtrack which is based on an opera might give some indication of the sergeant's travails. Intriguing watch.

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