Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Happy Birthday

Country USA 2002

Picture and details amazon

Seen 9 June 2006

A story about five people with the same birthday.
First, there is a reformed gay man who turns to religion and tries to persuade other gays that this path will help them change their ways. He himself faces challenges and temptations trying to live up to his beliefs.
The film also shows a lesbian woman who just broke off with her live-in partner. She tries very hard to lead her own life without the intrusions from the ex-partner. An old friend who moves to her town rekindles old feelings. An invitation for dinner brings back memories and she ponders the many what-ifs that could have happened if she took the right step many years ago.
A Chinese American lesbian gets a visit from her mother who nags about her still single status. The mother finds out the truth accidentally and confronts her about her sexual preference.
An Indian man maybe deported over his immigration status. His lover is a porno movie star who is willing to sacrifice and work his butt off literally to save his lover.
The last case was a telemarketer for slimming products who is representative of the product itself. He won the chance of meeting the product spokesperson due to his commendable effort of being the best telemarketer in his district. He goes through the motion of trying to build up the courage to meet up with the main man but flounders. This is despite the encouragement of a supportive colleague.
All the five persons’ stories are interspersed between each other and the audience could see the highlights of their peaks and lows. The film follows a semi-documentary style which jars at certain moments but magnifies the problems faced by the protagonists at other moments.
The conclusion is not the usual happy ever after finale but more a mixed bag of reality plus some hope for a better outcome in the future.

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