Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Mother (La Mere)

Switzerland 2007

Details magnificent7

Seen 16 April 2014

Ratings from other sources
IMDB 7.3/10

Story of a Russian single mother with nine children.

My ratings 7.0/10

My impressions:

The single mother in this film is not rich. She works hard at a farm providing as best as she can for her family of nine children. Her own childhood was bereft of love and affection. Now with her own brood, she strives to give them that motherly support.

Life seems bleak for such a big family with just enough to live moderately. The children have their fights and fun just like others their age. They may not have the trappings of wealth but they seem a happy lot.

The mother has a soft spot for everyone and is even willing to take on more under her care. Alas, she is only able to do what is within her capabilities. She acknowledges that her years are limited. If and when the mother is no more, a question hangs on the fate of her children.

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