Sunday, April 06, 2014

Chicken Tikka Masala

UK 2005

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Seen 5 April 2014

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IMDB 5.9/10

Jimi is surprised when his family announces an arranged wedding to Simran, especially as he is gay and has a boyfriend, Jack. The easy way out? No - he decides to arrange something a little unorthodox instead

My ratings 5.0/10

My impressions:

A comedy of errors, misunderstandings
Trying to please everyone else
Keeping the traditions alive

Despite knowing that a lie, untruth
Could never solve the problem
The lie continues
Reluctantly helped along
By friends sympathetic

How long can it continue

Not forever definitely
There will be a time when
Truth has to be told

That should have been the step
When it all began
Clearing the air

There might be disappointments but
Truth is always a much better option

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