Sunday, March 30, 2014

A matter of taste (Une affaire de goût)

France 2000

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Seen 29 March 2014

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IMDB 7.0/10

Nicolas, a handsome, young waiter, is befriended by Frédéric Delamont, a wealthy middle-aged businessman. Hired by Delamont to be his food taster and a friendship begins to emerge.

My ratings 7.0/10

My favourite quote
A lie is easily told, regret comes later

My impressions:

Is it so easy
To feel for another
To agree, follow or obey
Surrendering independence

Wealth can be the sweetener
But a bond does develop
However improbable

More of a cat and mouse game
Unconsciously testing the limits
Seeing who will succumb first
Conceding defeat, one cannot live without the other

How long can someone be in control
When time after time
The mind is challenged

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