Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Black's Game (Svartur á leik)

Black's Game (2012) Poster
Iceland 2012

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Seen 15 October 2013

Ratings from other sources
IMDB 6.6/10

My ratings 6.5/10
A childhood friend opens the doors to a bigger world.

My impressions:

A chance encounter with an old childhood friend while Stebbi was just out from the police station after a brawl the previous night leads to a different lifestyle altogether.

The mix of drugs, partying and sex does bring a high to a young adult. The money is good too. There are moments when Stebbi wonders where it will all end up. This was especially apparent when an encounter with the big boss during a big party made him see things differently.

Stebbi has to decide and face the consequences.

Another look at the underbelly of a country and its inhabitants.

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