Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Act of Killing

The Act of Killing (2012) Poster
Denmark 2012

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Seen 18 September 2013

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IMDB 8.2/10

My ratings 8.0/10
A documentary on former Indonesian death squad leaders.

My impressions:

The film reenacts the workings of the death squad during the purge of the communists in the 1960s. The film maker manages to have those involved tell their story in their own way.

At the beginning they seem so detached and unaffected by what had happened. The accepted known history belong to the victorious and they are in that group. There is a swagger of the winner in their gaits and demeanor. All the past actions were justified as a means towards an end. Whatever label given, para military group or gangsters, they continue to have the support from the ruling government.

For all intents and purposes happy with their life.

There was a perceptible change seen in one of them by the end of the filming. He finally questions himself, “Have I sinned?”

A disturbing watch.

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