Sunday, July 01, 2012

Young and Healthy As a Rose (Mlad i zdrav kao ruza)

Yugoslavia 1971

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Seen 30 June 2012

Ratings from other sources
IMDB 7.0/10

My ratings 7.0/10
The punk era in Yugoslavia with anarchy and youth on a rampage. Well, it did not really happen but the film is in a way a precursor of the future of the country.

My impressions:

Youth, young and full of energy
Rebellious, pushing the limits
Not cowed by authority

The past is history
The present is theirs
The future is far away

The clash between youths and
The establishment
Coming to blows
Not seeing eye to eye
In the usual script
The bad guys will get his dues
In the end

But in reality
The victors might be
Someone else

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