Thursday, May 08, 2008

Stray Cats

Philippines 2005

Details netflix

Seen 8 May 2008

The movie tagline is everybody needs a home. The characters in the movie also lament that the stray cats have a habit of leaving even when you shower them with love. A metaphor of their own lives.

We get to know Martha, an independent career woman who seems so weak in her love relationship with Steve. She has a neighbour, Boyet, a gay romance novel writer with an adopted son, Jojo and also a lover, Dom.

The men that Martha and Boyet love seem always to take them for granted. The story goes through the familiar expected scenes of lovers' tiffs and making up. But we have the added twist of the friendship between Marta and Boyet.

The story reaches another level of expectancy when Martha discovers that she is pregnant. Then emotional chaos engulfs the two main characters, The ending might be too pat for some, but it does give hope to the two to carry on with their lives. Into the sunset without the burden of the stray cats.

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