Wednesday, April 30, 2008


USA 2007

Details foxsearchlight

Seen 29 April 2008

A serious subject, teenage pregnancy seen through the pregnant mother's eyes. In this case, the unexpected pregnancy is handled with love, affection and strong family support. The whole town seems to be tolerant of this event, which helps the months pass by without any untoward incident. The baby is to be given away to a childless couple and we would have a fairy tale ending.

Not quite everyone lives happily ever after. There are obstacles along the way. But the main character, the unwed mother is the focal point of the movie and Ellen Page who played her was made for the role.

The subject matter might not find favour in less enlightened communities and the movie might not reach them. What a pity. Unwanted teenage pregnancies are an increasing trend and a more humane approach towards the issue would help both mother and child. This movie shows one way.

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patrick said...

i assumed Juno was directed by the same guy that directed Knocked Up because it's about an unexpected pregnancy, and Michael Cera stars as Juno's boyfriend (he was one of the goofy kids from Superbad, a close relative of Knocked Up), but it turns out this is not the case