Friday, April 28, 2006


Country Hongkong 1998

Picture and details lovehkfilm

Seen 28 April 2006

A gentle love story. Sam, a mother's dream of a son has secrets that only came to the fore when the father discovers that the son has an alternative lifestyle.

Sam, has always looked up to the father and done his utmost best to be what the family wants of him. The mother even laments that she wishes that Sam has some fault that would make him more normal. It does seem abnormal that Sam does not show any wild streaks or teenager angst while growing up.

But actually beneath that cool surface are deep feelings for others of the same gender. It just happens that Sam has never been the wild type. He takes what happens to him sexually as part of the growing up process and is cool about the attention given to him.

He does feel for those close to him, an office colleague, a star in the making and finally a street hustler. But he is duty bound to his family. Those nearest and dearest to him in his love encounters has to be set aside. He makes the decision that the family has to come first. Those touched by his presence have to go on with their lives and live with just memories of Sam.

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