Thursday, March 09, 2006

Macho Dancer

Country: Phillippines 1988

Picture Macho-Dancer
Details imdb

Seen 7 February 2006
The macho dancers are the male equivalent of the go-go bar girls. They put up a show which might be a simple dance or more explicit routines. Customers will be picking the dancer of their choice for further activities. This particular story highlights the life of a boy from a village who seeks his fortune in Manila. His only experience with men was his American friend who has gone back to the States. Manila opened many opportunities for a young man with good looks. His friendship with another macho dancer who is trying to find his sister led the two into the subteranean world of the marginalised urbanite. He also falls in love with a prostitute. As an added ingredient to this volatile mixture, we have the corrupt policeman who controls almost everything illegitimate in their area. The story line is good and the actors manage to convey the anguish of the downtrodden who do not seem to have any hope at the end of the day. The dialogue was effective during the serious parts but the love scenes were done mechanically and the macho dancers themselves seem to do their routines perfunctorily.

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