Monday, February 13, 2006

The motorcycle diaries

Country: Mexico 2004
Language: Spanish

Picture from imdb
Details motorcyclediaries

Seen 30 Jan 2006
Coming of age travel adventure of two friends. The major difference is that one of them is Che Guevara, the man who has made such an impact to the revolutionary ideals of so many South Americans. Both friends started the journey with the intention of getting to know their continent a little bit better. The famous sights was of course in the plan and maybe get to know more people as well especially the girls. Along the way they encounter many facets of Latin America. They find that all is not well with the majority of the population. The capitalist system has made a clear demarcation between the rich and poor. The chances of someone from the lower strata of society to uplift himself to a better position in life is almost nil.
Che Guevara kept a journal throughout the journey as a record of what he saw and experienced during the journey. These writings became the basis of his plans for the betterment of the people. At the end of the journey we find a different man from the one that started the trip. He now looks at events that occur around him from a different perspective. He now has plans to make his ideals come true.

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